Our BOLD Vision

Our vision is to establish RevitaFest as the premier global health festival, surpassing all others in size and excitement. Through a dynamic blend of education, experiential learning, and excitement, we aim to explore and celebrate health as it never has been before.

2023 saw RevitaFest take place as a virtual event that allowed us to reach a global audience

October 26-27, 2024 will surpass expectations with our in-person event.

By combining the energy of a music festival, the exhilaration of a dance party, and the allure of health and wellness, we aspire to make health a vibrant and enticing celebration.

Through RevitaFest, we envision a world where health is not only seen as a necessity but also as a vibrant and desirable aspect of life. Our vision is to inspire individuals to embrace their well-being, fostering a global community that champions health, vitality, and a life filled with passion and joy. Together, we will revolutionize the way people perceive and engage with their health, creating a movement that celebrates and embraces the journey towards optimal well-being.

Your Organizers

Karen and Jay, the visionary masterminds behind RevitalFest, are passionately dedicated to unraveling the profound essence of well-being. They aim to explore, educate, and empower individuals on the transformative path to optimal health.

Their belief is that true health encompasses vitality, clarity, resilience, connection, enlightenment, fulfillment, prosperity, and balance. They envision redefining well-being, guiding others toward a multidimensional approach to life that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

Infusing RevitaFest with joyous experiences and a supportive community, Karen and Jay cultivate an immersive atmosphere that transcends traditional notions of health, teeming with excitement, camaraderie, and a sense of adventure.

I'm Karen Thomson. 

Karen Thomson's mission is beautifully simple: she wants people to fall in love with themselves and the experience of being alive. Her approach centers around the transformative power of education, the profound impact of experiencing true health, and the creation of exhilarating experiences that are both fun and vibrant.

As the visionary founder of The Sugar Free Revolution, Karen is not only an advocate of healthy eating but also a relentless champion of wellness. Her driving force stems from the belief that healing our relationship with food, alcohol, and addictive substances can unlock a newfound sense of self-love and vitality from within. Through her unwavering commitment, she has inspired a movement that has touched the lives of countless individuals.

She has authored the acclaimed book "Sugar-Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction," captivating readers with her practical guidance and empowering insights. She is also the one of the world’s first sugar and carb addiction programs called HELP: Harmony Eating & Lifestyle Program (2012), and creator of the first-ever LCHF Health Summit which took place in Cape Town February 2015.

In 2016 Karen joined CrossFit to set up CrossFit Health with the primary goal of establishing CrossFit as a trusted authority on health, bridging the gap between fitness and medicine, connecting health care professionals through extensive networking, and developing professional education opportunities focused on CrossFit Rx.

Driven by her conviction that learning and experiencing health are integral to personal transformation, Karen crafts vibrant and exciting experiences for all who join her on this journey. By infusing fun and vitality into her approach, she creates an atmosphere where individuals can truly fall in love with themselves and relish every moment of being alive. Through education, health, and vibrant experiences, Karen Thomson is revolutionizing the way we perceive and embrace health, happiness, and freedom.

I'm Jay Vera.


Jay has a passion for fostering inclusive environments by sharing transformative, human-centered stories.

With over 12 years of experience, Jay held the position of Senior Content Producer & Editor at CrossFit, LLC, where he championed the inclusion of diverse and underserved communities to broaden the brand's appeal and raise awareness beyond the realm of elite athletes.

Journeying across the globe, Jay has captured tales of resilience and determination that inspire individuals from all walks of life to become part of the committed community of health and fitness enthusiasts. Their enduring ambition is to persistently contribute to the betterment of the world by crafting enthralling and uplifting tales that resonate with the essence of goodness, beauty, and truth.

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FREEDOM - Our Core Values:


Infuse an element of enjoyment and entertainment into the festival experience.


At the core of our festival's values lies the principle of respect, which serves as the foundation for creating a harmonious and inclusive environment for all participants.

Education and Exploration

Empower attendees with knowledge and information about health. Encourage attendees to explore new ideas and practices related to health.

Energizing Experiences

Create a dynamic and lively atmosphere that sparks enthusiasm and motivation. Curate a memorable and transformative event that leaves all involved feeling empowered and inspired.

Dynamic Environment

Embrace an atmosphere of dynamism, where energy and vitality permeate every aspect of the festival experience. Infuse the event with a vibrant and dynamic spirit, igniting a sense of enthusiasm and excitement among attendees.


Foster unity and a sense of being united as a whole.


Create meaningful connections, experiences, and knowledge-sharing opportunities that deeply resonate with attendees, leaving a lasting impact on their health and well-being.

These values serve as the foundation for our commitment to deliver an exceptional event that educates, excites, and connects individuals. We believe in the power of coming together to explore, experience and educate in an atmosphere that is both enriching and enjoyable for all. As we gather, we aim to create a transformative experience that leaves attendees inspired, energized, and connected.