RevitaFest 5 Day Schedule

Disclaimer: Please note that the schedule is subject to change without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.


What is Health?
Presented by Dr. Dan Pardi
3 Eras of Health
Presented by Dr. Graham Simpson
The Hateful/Grateful 8
Presented by Dr Robert Lustig
What We Don't Know
Presented by Gary Taubes
Presented by Nina Teicholz
Nutrition Workshop
Presented by Nicole Aucoin
The Hallmarks of Health
Presented by Robb Wolf
Treating Disease with Nutrition
Presented by Dr. Shawn Baker
Presented by Dr. Jason Fung
First Do No Pharm
Dr. Aseem Malhotra


Presented by Dr. Anthony Chaffee
Workshop: Mindset, Passion & Purpose
Presented by Ben Azadi
Women's Health
Presented by Dr. Jaime Seeman
Women and Fasting
Presented by Megan Ramos
Men's Health
Presented by Dr. Nick Nwabueze
Workshop: Yoga and Breathwork
Presented by Tamra Moroski
Ladder of Bliss
Presented by Bibi Bzrozka
Sexual Health
Presented by Darcy Aviles
Love Like Hell
Presented by Rainier Wylde
Presented by Dr. Kirk Parsley


Presented by Ariane De Bonvoison
Leadership and Moral Courage
Presented by Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng
Your Health is Your Responsibility
Presented by Prof. Tim Noakes
Self-care Mindset
Presented by Jeanette Bronée
Behavior change
Presented by Dr. Rich Joseph
Fitness and Fun
Presented by Conor Murphy
The Unoptimized Life
Presented by Dr. Tom McCoy
Training Superheroes
Presented by Don Saladino
Forever Strong
Presented by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Food Lies
Presented by Brian Sanders


Kid's Health
Presented by Dr. Lauren Fulkerson 
Power of Community
Presented by Dave Castro
The Death Coach
Presented by Syn Martinez
Compassionate communities
Presented by Dr. Julian Abel
Habits for Health & Performance
Presented by Dr. Tom McCoy
Presented by Jonno Proudfoot
Presented by Justin Nahama
The Power of Intuition
Presented by Karen Lorre
Presented by Ken Seeley
Chasing The Fountain of Youth 
Presented by Dr. Sean Rockett


Presented by Jay Vera
Food and Addiction
Presented by Dr. Robert Cywes
Plastic Surgery and Mental Health
Presented by Richard Brown
Brain Health and Longevity
Presented by Tommy Wood
Coming Soon..
Presented by TBD
The Thyroid & Aging
Presented by Elle Russ
Coming Soon..
Presented by TBD
Broken Science
Presented by Greg Glassman
Coming Soon..
Presented by TBD
Presented by TBD